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Based in Charlotte, NC but serving all 50 states, Exchange Accommodators is a team of Qualified Intermediaries with a combined 35 years of experience between the two principals. The company was founded by three highly skilled individuals with similar goals and complimentary backgrounds.

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Why Choose Exchange Accomodators?

In today’s global society, consumers will find that choices of Qualified Intermediaries can be endless. What sets Exchange Accommodators apart is our extensive experience and commitment to personal service. We provide proven exchange solutions that best achieve our clients’ goals of expanding their business portfolios and preserving equity. As an independently owned firm, you can be assured that the success of your exchange is always our highest priority. Our firm’s principals and exchange coordinator staff are here to serve you and can answer any questions you may have throughout the exchange process.

As your 1031 real estate exchange specialists, Exchange Accommodators considers every exchange to be a custom solution for that client. We offer the highest level of expertise and personalized service and maintain professional affiliations. We are committed to managing every phase of the transaction process and ensuring a successful exchange.

Our Philosophy

The principals of Exchange Accommodators are dedicated to assisting clients achieve their financial goals with their real estate investments. We focus on personal service and are committed to maximizing the success of each client’s 1031 Exchange. We specialize in tailoring creative solutions for each client’s exchange situation and have a reputation of providing superior service. To ensure everyone involved understands the exchange process and is kept up-to-date throughout, we work closely with a select group of attorneys, real estate professionals and accountants.

1031 Exchange Basics

The professionals at Exchange Accommodators can easily explain the fundamentals of 1031 exchanges. Click on one of the links below to learn more.

Basic Requirements of Exchanges

Basic Requirements of Exchanges

The IRS has certain prerequisites, rules and restrictions that must be strictly adhered to when conducting a 1031 Exchange. Because of this, you will need to follow six primary rules for your Exchange to meet stringent IRS guidelines. The principals of Exchange...

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Reasons to Exchange

Reasons to Exchange

In addition to the desire to defer the capital gains tax on the disposition of investment properties, there can be other underlying reasons an investor might want to exchange one property for another. The motives often fall along standard risk-reward or cash...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Exchange Accommodators has provided answers to potential exchangers’ most commonly asked questions. Please click on a question to the left to find the answer you’re looking for.

What types of exchanges can Exchange Accomodators assist me with?

Exchange Accommodators specializes in creative solutions. Our experts can structure many creative exchanges to meet almost any client’s situation. In addition to standard “forward” exchanges, Exchange Accommodators professionals can assist you with:

Safe-Harbor Reverse Exchanges
Non-Safe Harbor Reverse Exchanges
Build-To-Suit Exchanges
Backward Reverse Exchanges
Reverse Build-To-Suit Exchanges

What is a tax-deferred or 1031 Exchange?
Internal Revenue Code section 1031 provides that no gain or loss shall be recognized on the exchange of any type of business use or investment property for any other business use or investment property. 1031 Exchanges are not really exchanges in the context of two-party barter. Instead, they are typical sales and purchases that involve the same exact ingredients as any other sale or purchase, without the capital gains. The only real difference is the investor is increasing regulations. No other aspects of the transaction are affected.
Who should consider a 1031 Exchange?
Anyone who is thinking about selling a business use or investment property should consider affecting a 1031 Exchange. An Exchange offers the astute investor an opportunity to reinvest the federal capital gains that would normally be handed over to the IRS and put that money to work for himself. You work too hard to simply pay the tax without carefully considering this reinvestment option. Essentially, 1031 Exchanges should be thought of as an interest free loan from the IRS; one in which the principal may be increased through subsequent exchanges and may never require repayment, if you plan properly.
What is a Reverse Exchange?

1031 exchanges are specifically structured transactions that join together the sale of an old property and the subsequent purchase of a new property for the purpose of deferring taxes. As part of the regulations set forth by the IRS, you are required to utilize a Qualified Intermediary (QI) to facilitate the exchange. Unlike a typical 1031 exchange, you may need to buy your new property before you have sold the old one. Unfortunately, IRS regulations don’t allow you to own titles to both the old and new properties at the same time. The good news is a reverse exchange allows you to exchange property in reverse order – and yet still enjoy the tax benefits. In a Reverse Exchange, your QI must arrange to buy the new property for you and hold it for a period of time.

What is a Build-To-Suit Exchange?

A Build-To-Suit or Construction Exchange allows you to sell your old property and use that money to buy a piece of raw land and build a building on it.

How will Exchange Accomodators protect me?

For Exchange Accommodators, providing security for your assets is our first priority. Here’s how we do it:

First: We create and register a single-asset corporation, which is not lienable outside of this transaction, to serve as the Exchange Accommodation Titleholder or EAT. The EAT is used only for your exchange.

Second: We secure your investment. To ensure repayment of financing to you or the lender, Exchange Accommodators and our attorneys create the appropriate security instruments, including a promissory note and a deed of trust or mortgage.

Third: We enter into binding contracts that ensure the transfer of the new property to you and restricts the EAT from borrowing against the property.

What are some common misconceptions about 1031 Exchanges?
Many still believe that you must swap properties. Although this was required in the original code, this is rarely done in present times. 1031 Exchanges now enable one to sell their property to someone totally unrelated to the person from whom they are purchasing their replacement.

Many believe only investors of large commercial properties can utilize the benefits of section 1031. The great thing about 1031 Exchanges is that it applies to all investment properties, large and small. It will work the same way for a corporation selling a large shopping center as it would for an individual selling a single-family home used as rental property in a vacation area.

Many believe you must acquire property of “similar use or service”. While 1031 Exchanges are also known as “like-kind” exchanges, “like-kind” simply applies to real property held for a business use or investment. Therefore, an investor may sell raw land and acquire a five-unit apartment building or sell a warehouse and acquire raw land. He can sell one property and acquire three or sell four and acquire one. Virtually any type of real property used for business or investment will qualify.

Many believe 1031 Exchanges are very complicated and not worth doing. The fact is that when working with a Qualified Intermediary who specializes in Section 1031 tax-deferred exchanges, the exchange process is very simple. The intermediary will keep you aware of your time deadlines and ensure you do everything in strict compliance with IRS regulations.

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